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Apple Strudel Protein Donut Mix


We all love a good slice of apple pie or a fresh apple strudel, but they’re loaded with sugar, can get messy fast, & definitely don't deliver the nutrients our bodies depend on. Our Apple Strudel Protein Donut Mix combines that fantastic flavor of an apple strudel plus the protein our bodies crave. These gluten-free phenoms also keep it low, with just 134 calories, 8g net carbs, & 0 added sugar! Upgrade your protein & order now!

Order now while supplies last, & see what you've been missing!

Nutrition Info & Ingredients

Our Apple Strudel Protein Donut Mix is gluten free, & not for the reasons you may be thinking, either. We went the gluten free route to help with digestion, gut health, & to help with protein absorption. In addition to that, these are providing you with 21g protein per donut — that’s nothing to shake a stick at! That’s more than most protein bars, but without that gritty taste/texture that protein bars bring. Solid Macros, Delicious Donuts, & an all around great option.