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Apple Strudel Protein Donut Mix


Satisfy your sweet tooth & crush your cravings with our Apple Strudel Protein Donut Mix! We're talking 18g of protein & just 110 calories in each donut, folks. Create these caramelized confections whenever you catch a craving — just bake a batch & enjoy the fresh fruits of your labor, guilt-free — all without giving up that sweet strudel flavor you love!

Order now while supplies last, & see what you've been missing!

Nutrition Info & Ingredients

Our Apple Strudel Protein Donut Mix is gluten free, & not for the reasons you may be thinking, either. We went the gluten free route to help with digestion, gut health, & to help with protein absorption. In addition to that, these are providing you with 18g protein per donut — that’s nothing to shake a stick at! That’s more than most protein bars, but without that gritty taste/texture that protein bars bring. Solid Macros, Delicious Donuts, & an all around great option.

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