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Birthday Cake Protein Donut Mix

Sale price$20.99
These tasty pastries are pure protein perfection. 18g of protein without the gritty texture of a protein bar or all the sugar & calories that come from cake! Mix up a batch, whether it’s your birthday or not, & you too could be feasting on this phenomenal flavor. Enjoy one as a snack, an after dinner dessert, or even when you hit that 2:00pm wall at work & you need a little protein-powered pick-me-up!

Order today & you’ll be celebrating in no time!

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Birthday Cake Protein Donut Mix - ProDough Protein Bakeshop
Birthday Cake Protein Donut Mix Sale price$20.99

Nutrition Info & Ingredients

Similar to almost all of our mixes, our Birthday Cake Protein Donut Mix is gluten free. The main reason we do this isn't actually for gluten allergies or celiac, but to help improve digestion & prevent that protein gas & bloating that you get from a protein bar or gas station protein shake. Here at ProDough, nutrition & fitness are of the upmost improtance, so you can indulge in these donuts without worrying about any artificial ingredients, preservatives, or GMOs.