ProDough Protein Bakeshop

Chocolate Candy Cane Protein Donut Mix

Candy cane crumbles & creamy chocolate blend brilliantly to make a decadent donut any time of the year! You’re going to fall in love with our Chocolate Candy Cane Protein Donut Mix — packed with protein & pearly pieces of peppermint, it could be mid-July & you’ll still be getting a hit of that sweet nectar they call "Christmas Cheer" with each & every bite!

Nutrition Info & Ingredients

Not the nutrition facts you’d expect from chocolate donuts with chocolate frosting & candy cane crumble on top, is it? If you’re familiar with ProDough, you know we tend to find ways to make the impossible possible. These delicious donuts are also gluten free, & not for the reasons you may think. We decided to make our products gluten free to help with the digestion process & protein absorption. No more bloating & gas every time you polish off some protein. Time to upgrade your protein & indulge guilt free!