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Key Lime Protein Donut Mix

Make time for Key Lime, these luscious loops are on another level! The famous flavor of the Florida Keys is finally found in donut form, & they taste friggin' phenomenal. Packed with protein & full of flavor without the sugar, carbs, & calories you’d be loading up on with a slice of Key Lime pie. Welcome them to the ProDough lineup & try out their tremendous taste for yourself today!
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Nutrition Info & Ingredients

No big surprise that our Key Lime Protein Donut Mix is gluten free like almost everything else. The main reason we do this isn't actually for gluten allergies or celiac, but to help improve digestion & prevent that protein gas & bloating that you get from a protein bar or gas station protein shake. Here at ProDough, nutrition & fitness are of the upmost improtance, so you can indulge in these donuts without worrying about any artificial ingredients, preservatives, or GMOs.

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