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About Us

Here at ProDough, our mission is to stand with those working to improve their lives through health & fitness! Setting goals is the first step, & incredibly important, but following through with your goals is going to be the most essential part of the process — luckily, ProDough makes staying on track with your nutritional goals far easier (& tastier) than ever before.

We don’t sacrifice flavor for nutrition here at ProDough. We’ve put in thousands of hours & tested countless formulations in order to come up with our recipes — each one providing both a phenomenal flavor, & a solid nutritional profile. All of our mixes are high in protein, low in calories, & have no added sugar. From our donut mixes to our crepe mixes, & everything in between, we have nearly 50 different options for you to choose from, with each mix itself being gluten free to help aid in digestion, & prevent stomach issues like bloating & gas.

Some of you may not know this, but when people break their diets, or give up on their new, healthier lifestyle, it's generally within the first 3 weeks. The biggest culprit causing people to fail, is giving into cravings for something sweet, but with ProDough, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to something sweet. Whether you’re going gluten free, avoiding sugar, or you’re currently in a calorie deficit, you can still satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking your diet or even having a “cheat meal.” Check out our vast array of protein-packed products now, we have something for everyone!