Protein is essential, so why not get it from a source so delicious you'll actually look forward to eating it? Protein bars have that dry, gritty protein texture, & shakes always seem to cause stomach issues & weigh you down if not formulated properly. Instead of gambling your gut & hoping for the best with those two options, drop the dice & devour a decadent donut, a delicious cake, or a hearty stack of pancakes instead & still get all the protein you need?! Everything ProDough makes is gluten free, but not for celiac, allergies, or trendy diets — we actually decided on gluten free in order to help improve digestion & gut health. Now you can enjoy every bite without worrying about the gas & bloating that you (& everyone around you) have been forced to suffer through every time you load up with protein!


Our mission here at ProDough® is to stand behind those working to improve their lives through health & fitness! Setting goals is important, but actually following through with those goals is the most essential part of the process — luckily, ProDough makes it much easier (& tastier) to follow through & stay on track with your nutritional goals. Your age, gender, weight, etc. don't matter, the keys to achieving your goals are dedication & consistency! At the end of the day, the only thing holding you back, is you. It's time to start believing in yourself, you got this!

Why ProDough?

• Our Whey Protein Isolate is blended in-house, producing a higher quality protein with far more nutritional benefits than Whey Protein Concentrate. It also contains essential amino acids & provides quick absorption, important benefits you can't get from Soy Protein

• Monk fruit is an anti-inflammatory & doesn't affect blood sugar

• Our Gluten-Free Flour Blend contains ingredients shown to improve digestive health & antioxidants proven to help reduce inflammation

• We import Cacao Powder that has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve blood flow to the brain & heart, as well as aid in preventing blood clots

• Our mixes do not contain any artificial ingredients or any GMOs

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