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Brand Ambassador Program

ProDough Ambassadors

ProDough is excited to introduce our Brand Ambassador Program! Our mission here at ProDough is to stand behind those working to improve their lives through health & fitness! Setting goals is important, but actually following through on those goals is the most essential part of the process — luckily, ProDough makes it much easier (& tastier) to follow through & stay on track with your nutritional goals. We are looking for driven brand ambassadors that share in our goals & passions who would like to get behind this!

As a ProDough Ambassador, you will earn rewards, commissions, & grow your following while promoting our protein packed products on your social platforms. As you begin promoting ProDough, you’ll quickly start to earn ambassador points that can be exchanged for cash, rewards, discounts, & more. Not only that, you will receive your own Ambassador Discount Code to share with your friends, family, & followers, which takes 10% off of all of their ProDough purchases, plus you get a competitive commission each time your Discount Code is used!

Simply follow the link below to fill out a registration form! Your application will be either accepted or declined within 48 hours. Due to the large number of applications we receive, there are specific requirements for our Ambassador Program — the most important being:

• Age: 18 & up

• High engagement on social media platforms• USA based & American following (products only ship within the U.S.)

• Self motivated, driven, & passionate about nutrition & fitness

Click here to fill out our Brand Ambassador registration form!

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