ProDough Protein Bakeshop

Gourmet Whey Protein Powder PRE-ORDERS ONLY


Enjoy the bakeshop bliss we bring to our protein powders, from our flagship Glazed Donut, to Peach Cobbler, to Horchata & more, we have a vast variety of fantastic flavors. With 25g of protein per scoop, it's about to get easier, & a whole lot tastier, to get the protein that your body needs. Select your flavor from the list below. Treat yourself to a proper protein shake, one that you can sip on & enjoy instead of having to slam it with speed to avoid the taste - with ProDough, you'll want to treasure the taste! 20 servings per bag.

JUST A HEADS UP — Any orders containing a "pre-order" item will not ship until March. You may want to place your pre-order separately so the rest of the items you order ship as soon as they're purchased.

Ingredients: micro-filtered whey protein isolate, non-fat dry milk, stevia extract, enzyme blend, natural flavors, coconut MCT oil powder 50%, monk fruit, Himalayan pink salt