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Pancake & Waffle Mixes Subscription

Start Your Day Right

If you're looking to improve muscle health, curb cravings, increase recovery time, or just improve your overall health, ProDough’s Protein Pancake & Waffle Mixes are exactly what you need! We deliver some great tasting protein pancakes (or waffles) to ensure you’ll start your day off strong! 

Gluten Free

Our Gluten-Free Flour Blend helps with post-protein digestion, preventing bloating & feeling overly full — meaning you can jump right into a set of deep squats without a worry in the world!

Solid Nutrition

Our pancake mixes are formulated to provide you with all the nutrients you'd get from a complete meal, so that you can indulge in our delicious pancakes knowing that you are getting the nutrition you need to kick your day off strong, all from a delicious stack of pancakes!

- 25-30g Protein
- No added sugar 
- 240-245 Calories

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