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Standard Flavors Protein Donut Mixes - Monthly Subscription

Protein That Tastes Incredible

If you're looking to improve muscle recovery & growth, curb your cravings, or you're simply looking for a delicious snack that tastes great & doesn't load you up with all the sugar, carbs, & calories of a traditional donut, you've come to the right place! With nearly 20 great tasting flavors to choose from, you can't go wrong! 

Gluten-Free Mixes

All of our delicious Donut Mixes are made with our Gluten-Free Flour Blend to help with post-protein digestion, & to prevent you from feeling bloated & overly full — you can even jump right into a set of the deepest of deep squats right after eating a donut, & do so without a worry in the world! 💨

Hit Your Daily Protein Goals

Gone are the ancient times of protein bars & chicken being your main (& sometimes only) options to get the protein your body needs. Now you have over 15 different Gourmet Protein Donut Mix flavors to choose from, each having anywhere from 15g — 27g protein per donut (based on the flavor chosen) to help you reach your daily macros. The best part? You're getting this protein from delicious donuts, not dry, chalky bars with artificial flavoring.

Dessert Prep

A lot of us do meal prep, but haven't really thought about the possibility of dessert prep! These high-quality, high-protein donuts are perfect for dessert prep for when the meal you prepped is gone. Finish that meal right — with a downright delicious protein donut!

Subscribe & Save

When you order your Donut Mixes as a subscription, not only do you get a discounted price, you get comfort of mind - knowing that your ProDough subscription is going to show up each month! You'll have a vast selection of decadent donut mixes in your pantry to help ensure that you'll have what you need to reach your goals.


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