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Peanut Butter & Jelly Protein Donut Mix

Our PB&J Protein Donut Mix provides you with that precious peanut butter & jelly flavor, along with an ample amount of protein at 23g each! Gluten free, to help with the post-protein digestion process, these top tier treats turn this super sandwich into tasty pastries. With no artificial ingredients & no added sugar, these waistline warriors fit any diet.
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Nutrition Info & Ingredients

As you can see from the nutrition section, any peanut butter works. Believe it or not, plenty of powdered peanut butter provides a higher protein count than standard peanut butter does, without the calories or fat that you’d get from digging into a PB tub. Our PB&J Protein Donut Mix gives you delicious donuts to devour, packed with protein & a macro profile that’ll make you smile. Upgrade your protein today & enjoy our circular sandwiches & the protein they deliver!