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Double Chocolate Protein Donut Mix


We may be a bit biased, but our Double Chocolate Protein Donut Mix makes the tastiest chocolate donuts around — we’re talking chocolate donuts with a rich chocolate glaze & white chocolate drizzle on top. In addition to all the chocolate, you’re getting 21g of protein & just 130 calories each. Time to upgrade your meal prep to a level you’ve only dreamed of!

Order today, you could use some chocolate!

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    Nutrition Info & Ingredients

    Depending on how many donuts you’ve browsed, you may already know this, but like most ProDough mixes, our Double Chocolate Protein Donut Mix is gluten free. The reasoning behind this actually might not be what you think; while it does help when it comes to celiac & other gluten allergies, we did it to help with digestion & preventing that feeling of being overly full & sluggish. As you can also see, we don’t use any artificial ingredients of any kind — we use the highest quality ingredients, because we believe that you deserve a protein upgrade!

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