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Raspberry (Chocolate) Cheesecake Protein Donut Mix

Sale price$25.99
We don’t do the whole tea & crumpets thing here at ProDough, we’re more of the donuts & coffee crowd. With our Raspberry Cheesecake Protein Donut Mix, you’re getting a top-tier taste, along with that sweet sweet nectar to nurture your nutritional needs (not to mention chocolate, which everyone loves). We’ll have to pass on those crumpets, we’re livin’ that protein packed, delicious donut life!

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Raspberry (Chocolate) Cheesecake Protein Donut Mix - ProDough Protein Bakeshop
Raspberry (Chocolate) Cheesecake Protein Donut Mix Sale price$25.99

Nutrition Info & Ingredients

This tempting treat is our Raspberry (Chocolate) Cheesecake Donut Mix, & it's gluten free! The main reason we do this isn't actually for gluten allergies or celiac, but to help improve digestion & prevent that protein gas & bloating that you get from a protein bar or gas station protein shake. Here at ProDough, nutrition & fitness are of the upmost improtance, so you can indulge in these donuts without worrying about any artificial ingredients, preservatives, or GMOs.