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Toasted Coconut Protein Donut Mix


Time to try our tempting Toasted Coconut Protein Donut Mix. These coconut covered confections treat you to a tremendous taste plus 21g of protein & just 130 calories each — because at ProDough, we don’t sacrifice flavor for nutrition, we do what it takes to give you both! 

Gluten free ✔ Tremendous taste ✔ Protein packed ✔

Nutrition Info & Ingredients

These toasted treats have tremendous nutritional value, as you can see — high in protein, low in calories, fat, & net carbs! Don’t let that fool you, though, these take the term “tasty” to a whole new level. That soft donut with the silky chocolate glaze, then throw on the toasted coconut crunch to top it off. That’s a protein upgrade you won’t want to miss out on! Oh yeah, they’re also gluten free… #ProteinUpgrade