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Vanilla Cream Protein Donut Mix

Sale price$17.99
This Vanilla Cream Protein Donut Mix is versatility at its finest! A soft, warm vanilla donut & velvety vanilla glaze on top, with each donut delivering 18g protein & 110 calories. Indulge in the vanilla goodness, or add your favorite toppings or add-ons to customize these culinary confections & make them your own! No matter how you do it, these delicious donuts make superb snacks, a delicious dessert, or even a blissful & balanced breakfast.

Upgrade your protein now, & start snacking with purpose!

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    Vanilla Cream Protein Donut Mix - ProDough Protein Bakeshop
    Vanilla Cream Protein Donut Mix Sale price$17.99

    Nutrition Info & Ingredients

    Where else are you going to get 21g protein, 8g net carbs, & 130 calories from one deliciously decadent donut? Or from anything this delicious for that matter! Vanilla may be plain, but you know exactly what you’re getting with these vanilla vixens. The best part is, they can tempt you all they want, because these are ProDough Protein Donuts, made with the highest quality ingredients & a phenomenal flavor. Protein = Upgraded